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We are a Taxi service in Columbia,Missouri

 To pick you up  ------------------------------   $2.00

                From then on it's $0.28 for every tenth of a mile or to make

            it  simpler it's $2.80  per mile. If we need to wait on you the

            wait time is $60.00 per hour or any portion thereof. Our rental

            time for our cabs is also $60.00 per hour.


             We at Express Transportation would like to welcome all the student's

            for another great year of higher education. We are doing our very

            best to make your stay for this year a very pleasant one. We are

            offering specials to the students that need rides back and forth to

            work . These specials include a flat rate of $13.00 to and from work

            from anywhere in these specified boundaries. Of course if the rate is            less that $13.00 we will figure another flat rate for you, but you never            be charged more then the $13.00.                   



                                                 Smiley Lane

                               East                                         West

                             63 Hwy                                   Scott Blvd.

​                                                     South

                                                  Old Plank Rd.

           Anywhere within these specified boundaries will be $13.00 to and

​           from work.

​                                For all other inquiry's

Call 573-886-2233