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Airport Transportation 

Call 573-886-2233 for information.

We are giving the same rates as 

last year,for rides to and from work.

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Express Transportation

1512 Business Loop 70 West 

Suite D

Columbia, MO 65202

Call to schedule 573-886-2233.  We are available 24/7

We’ve got everything you need for your special event, including knowledgeable drivers who know your city inside and out.  

We can make your ride to the airport hassle free with a simple flat-rate from anywhere in Missouri.

Transportation at Its Finest.


Special Events


We have changed the name of our company from "Economy Cab" TO "Express Transportation Of Columbia LLC." It is the same company just some different looks. It isn't your typical looking taxi, we have no top light or meter. We operate off of Google Maps and the odometer of the car, with lots of flat rates. We can tell you "Exactly" how much your fare will be when you call in, with the exception of  Bar Rush  because of the number of calls, that's when we operate off of the odometer of the vehicle. Just look for "Express Transportation" in the side windows of the car. We hope this isn't to confusing and we hope that you will continue to support the our company as you have in the past. The phone number is the same as always 573-886-2233, give us a call we are open 24 -7. And as always we appreciate your business and we strive to do our best to serve you. Now if you work and need transportation, give us a call and we can set you up on a flat rate  that I guarantee will be as cheap or cheaper than anyone in town. Thank you for your support and we hope to see you "soon".



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